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Shanghai Anchor Partner Home Search and Relocation Services

Elite 8 China Consulting was established by Kevin Harding in 2003 as an independent relocations & real estate company, determined to be recognised as a market leader by virtue of both the quality of their services & dedication to innovation. Today we feel we have achieved that target.

Since those early days Elite 8 has grown from a 2 person company to now having over 20 people in our employ dedicated to our clients, we feel this is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of our services which the relocations & home-search market has whole heartedly endorsed.

We have now come so far as to be able to purchase our own 250 m2 (ca. 2,700 sq.ft) premises in a brand new Grade A commercial building in prime downtown Shanghai.

Elite 8’ s focus is on:

Innovation – of services & materials
Highly quality services delivered by top quality professionals
The maintenance of a high ethical & moral code of conduct
Top quality software & hardware to benefit our clients
Remaining a service driven rather than profit driven company therefore:
Reinvestment of profits into services
E-Relocation – downloadable documentation & online information covering almost every conceivable subject an expatriate re-locating to Shanghai might imagine
Elite 8, (either directly or via our business partners) operates in the following spheres  of business activities:

Elite 8, (either directly or via our business partners) operates in the following spheres  of business activities:

Commercial (Office) Premises
Orientation Services
School Searches – Information & Tours
Full Immigration Documentation Processing
Residential Leasing Services
Cultural Introductions & Training
Residential Market Consultancy
Property Sales
Developer Consultation & Project Management
Private Investor Portfolio & Fund Management
Club Management
Company Set-Up & Human Resource Solutions
Premises fit-out (commercial & residential)
Old House Re-fits & Conversions

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Kevin S. Harding
Managing Partner
Elite 8 Consulting
Expatriate Relocations & Real Estate Consulting Services