Insurance guide for expats :
How to insurance your risks in Shanghai

Private Medical/Health Insurance

Hospital and medical care are expensive in Shanghai so be well covered, especially if you have children.

If you are included in your company's worldwide group health insurance scheme, you will usually enjoy a more comprehensive cover then locally applicable. In case you need to provide for your own insurance, you should explore insurance packages designed for expats

We are currently researching the best options for expatriates and will cover this subject in more detail here shortly.

Travel Insurance

Please note, that local health insurance sometimes does not cover countries you may travel to during your holidays or on business.

A good travel insurance should provide you with comprehensive coverage for accident and disease wherever you are headed and provides a 24/7 emergency medical assitance hotline service in your home language through a worldwide rescue network.

Motor Car Insurance

If you take the route of running your own vehicle in Shanghai, you will need to obtain motor insurance. Although, many of the other drivers on the road will not have this legal requirement.

Check with your current provider, to find out if they are able to offer you a good deal based on your track record. There are a number of local providers but they might not have the legal framework of your existing supplier.

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Third Party Insurance

Third Party Insurance covers the insured's legal liability to a third party for bodily injury and property damage in case of an accident. When buying car insurance, this `TPL' is compulsory, regardless of the other policies chosen.

Third Party Fire & Theft

Covers the motor vehicle against loss or damage caused by fire, external explosion, self-ignition, lightning or theft and the insured's legal liability to third parties for bodily injury and property damage

Comprehensive (always advisable)

Covers the motor vehicle against loss or damage caused by accidents, third party liability and fire & theft

Company Car

If you are provided with a company car insure that our spouse/partner is included in the policy as additional driver.

Household/Home Content insurance

While organizing their relocation many expatriates moving to Shanghai miss out on insuring their household goods and valuables as they assume their home-country based insurer will cover the risks in China. While your household content is generally insured during the process of relocation through your moving company, the cover ends once you have moved into your permanent home in Shanghai. In fact, you need to organize your household insurance long before to have peace of mind from the first day.


Domestic Help (Maid) Insurance

Technically, all employees in China should be hired through the state-owned agency FESCO, which, together with the employer, will contribute towards the employees insurance, health benefits and retirement fund. Although maids are usually hired directly from other expatriates, you should register your maid with FESCO upon employment so that your maid can get her benefits. Be wary of a maid who doesn’t want to be registered, as she is very likely a migrant worker without a permit to live in Shanghai. In both instances, not registering with FESCO and hiring an illegal worker, you may be subject to fines.