Books and Media: Reviews on Expat Hobby Books


The Practical Art of Chinese Brush Painting

by Cherrett, Pauline

The author of this book is a teacher of Chinese painting after having picked it up as a hobby more than 20 years ago. This is an intermediate guide to those who already have some training in Chinese brush painting. It starts with a look at the history, development and aims of this ancient Chinese art, and goes on to give advice on the equipment and material used in Chinese brush painting. The main principles, styles and forms of brush painting are summarized. There is also advice on seals and how to frame your painting. This book then provides a number of projects so that you can try your hand at painting flowers, birds, animals, insects, fruits and landscapes.

The Imperial Guide to Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology, The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese

by Aylward, Thomas F.

The Chinese state had adopted the Art of Scheduling and Positioning as Imperial orthodoxy for centuries before the 1911 collapse of imperial China. It was believed that the universe communicated its assessment of the Emperor's performance through astral and terrestrial portents - portents that only masters in the Art of Scheduling and Positioning could interpret. Today, feng shui (the art of positioning) and Chinese astrology (the science of auspicious scheduling) have captured the popular imagination, but in the process those classical disciplines have been diluted sometimes beyond recognition. Now an accomplished scholar of Chinese language, literature and philosophy restores them in this first and only authentic translation of the original Chinese treatise on the Art of Scheduling and Positioning. This Imperial Guide reveals the organic connection between feng shui and astrology; illuminates the most complex aspects of feng shui and astrology theory in accessible language and lucid imagery; introduces essential concepts of Chinese cosmology and explains how they relate to the whole of traditional Chinese thought, and what they mean for the modern world.

The Chinese Garden, History, Art and Architecture

by Keswick, Maggie & Alison Hardie

First published in 1978, this volume attempted to explore the meanings and cultural forces that lie behind Chinese gardens. Maggie Keswick traced the Chinese garden back to its origins, and explained its influence on, and how it was influenced by, philosophy, art, architecture and literature. This work is an exploration of how Chinese civilization manifested itself in the art of garden making and design. This new edition is revised and re-illustrated. It includes an annotated section of gardens open to visitors in China.

The Little Book of Orchids
by Carbone, Genevieve

This well illustrated little volume will touch on history, taxonomy, cultivation and most things in between. For anyone interested in knowing more about orchids, this will provide much information. The enthusiasm of the authors for this subject is evident as they share their collective knowledge in a very readable text that provides enough information for a first time orchid grower or a seasoned gardener.